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New to Perl?

If you're new to Perl or programming in general, we've got a nice, easy introduction for you. We'll get your environment set up, talk you through your first Perl script and start looking at some basic Perl functionality.

Perl Spotlight10

Comparing values in Perl

At some point in programming, you are going to want to make your program do different things depending on the status of a particular variable.

How To Install Perl and Run Your First Script

In a hurry to get started? This step-by-step will get you to install Perl and run your first script in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee!

Simple Matching With Regular Expressions

A gentle introduction to Perl's regular expressions. In this tutorial we look at simple string pattern matching and match expressions.

Perl String Manipulation

Perl is great at string manipulation. Here are a few things you can do with a Perl string.


Defines what Perl CPAN is - a repository of perl modules you can use in your code free of charge.

Larry Wall

Larry Wall is the creator of Perl.


An explanation of Perl's chop() function

Regular Expressions

Perl is great for regular expressions. But what are they?

Perl Basics

Just getting started with Perl? Not even sure where to start? We'll walk you through the absolute basics of this, the Swiss Army knife of the web.

How to read character information from the World of Warcraft servers.

Perl Module Games::WoW::Armory - How to read character information from the World of Warcraft servers.

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