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Other things you can do with Perl strings!

By December 30, 2011

Perl String Manipulation

Ok, so we're focusing on regular expressions over the next couple of weeks. But let's not forget all the other things you can do with Perl strings.

Perl is famous for its ability to parse text. In fact it was designed initially as a text manipulation language. Creator Larry Wall's main objective in creating Perl was to make it simpler for programmers to extract and format text by combining all the things he liked about sed, awk and C. Hence the name: PERL (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language).

Although it wasn't long before developers (particularly web developers and system administrators) harnessed the power and flexibility of Perl for other applications, it remains to this day one of the best languages out there for slicing and dicing text. It handles strings faster and more efficiently than many other languages and has a whole range of functions for comparing, sorting, extracting and manipulating strings. Learning how to work with strings is fundamental to understanding Perl. Check out our basic string manipulation tutorial.

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