1. Technology

Applied Programming

Perl lessons and tutorials for real life situations. Find resources for various vocations, specialized modules, and practical step-by-step instruction.

Creating a simple service monitoring CGI script
Creating a simple server monitor in Perl to check the status of your internet services. How to quickly monitor the status of several servers and services.

Practical Perl Programming
A great, free online book about programming Perl - takes you from the basics to real world applications.

Tuning Into Ten Short, Useful Perl Programs
Some handy examples of how simple and powerful Perl can be.

An open source bioinformatics Perl toolkit.

PerlMol Quick Tutorial
A nice tutorial on using PerlMol - a collection of Perl modules for chemoinformatics and computational chemistry.

Perl for System Administration
A fantastic free book on Perl for system administrators from O'Reilly.

Automating UNIX system administration with Perl
This is a great article on a great topic. All system administrators can benefit from automation.

Reading a Log File In Perl
Digging through your log files can provide a web developer with a vast amount of useful data.

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