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Learn everything about creating web sites in Perl, from simple CGI scripts to Web Frameworks. Whether you're looking for a quick one off script or building a complex application, this is the place to learn Perl for the web.
  1. Perl CGI Programming
  2. Server Administration

Perl CGI Programming

CGI is a bit of an outdated term these days, with all the new buzzwords surrounding web 2.0. At it's core, it is simply using Perl to process and present data as you would any web-centric language like PHP. In fact, the basic Perl CGI library comes with so much power, you'll discover that it's just as easy to build a complex site in Perl as create simple scripts.

Server Administration

Dealing with web sites isn't just about coding HTML and CSS. Being a system or server administrator requires a whole new level of Perl and Unix hacking skills.

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