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Top 7 Perl CGI Resources


Tired of digging around for those 'free' CGI scripts? Stop searching and start bookmarking. Here are 7 fantastic resources for Perl - and other - CGI scripts for your code arsenal.

1. HotScripts.com

HotScripts.com is one of the largest indexes of CGI and web scripts on the net. Chances are whatever you're looking for is here somewhere, but it can take some serious digging. There are over 4000 Perl scripts alone, and even though they are nicely broken down by category, it can be a pain surfing through page after page for that one magic script you need. Many of the scripts are not free, or have special usage restrictions on them.

2. Matt's Script Archive

Since 1995, Matt Wright has been giving the world wide web some stellar Perl CGI scripts. His FormMail script alone has been downloaded over 2 million times and been studied by countless web adminstrators looking for nice, clean example code. Not only do I highly recommend you use Matt's scripts, I suggest downloading and exploring them as learning tools. For the budding Perl programmer, you just can't ask for better material.

3. The CGI Resource Index

Matt Wright has his hand in this one as well, and it shows in the excellent and clear layout. While the CGI Resource Index is not as massive as HotScripts.com, you'll find it's much easier on the eyes and brain as you begin to dig around. The links are kept up fairly well, and the comments and ratings are (for the most part) more accurate and less inclined to be spam.

4. Kristina's CGI Scripts for Educators

This is an excellent resource for teachers of all kinds, and for some interesting and unique scripts. Much like Matt Wright, Kristina has been working on some of these CGI programs for years and always offered them up for fun and for free. Her Quiz and Test programs are very well thought out, simple, and full featured. The site also has several financial calculation programs and some great puzzle and game scripts.

5. FreePerlCode.com

Once again, FreePerlCode.com can't stand up to HotScripts in terms of sheer volume, but you'll find the layout and quality of the scripts to be good here. 1100+ scripts is nothing to turn your nose up at either. One thing that bothers me about the site is the fact that they don't designate between the free and the pay scripts, so some time is lost in the discovery process as you visit each individual site.

6. The Web Developer's Virtual Library

The WDVL's ScriptSearch.com is yet another nice archive of links to CGIs. It's laid out in much the same way as HotScripts.com and includes ratings and price (if any), although doesn't have a comments area. The layout is a bit ugly, but once you get the hang of the navigation, it's a piece of cake to narrow in on what you're looking for.

7. CGI-City

Finally, CGI-City rounds out the list. If you can look past the fact they're pushing their own scripts with lots of flashing and blinking banner ads, the archive is full of great free and pay resources. They state the price in the description, which is always a good click saver.

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