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Similar Languages

Tutorials, advice and links on some languages similar to Perl.

Control Structures - Using the Each Method
Learn how to loop through an array or hash in Ruby with the each method.

Ruby Concepts - Methods
A short introduction to methods in Ruby, and how they are used.

Ruby Concepts - Variables
A short introduction to variables in Ruby, and how they are assigned.

Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
A humorous, free and very informative guide to Ruby.

Ruby on Rails
See what all the fuss is about by visiting the source - Ruby on Rails is a rapidly spreading web framework built in Ruby.

Try Ruby In Your Browser
This is a great interactive tutorial you can do right from your web browser without installing anything.

Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
A full programming guide to Ruby and a fantastic resource.

What is Python?
Find out more about Python and Python programming.

What is web.py?
Find out more about web.py, a new Python web framework and library built to assist in the creation of web applications.

Dive Into Python
A totally free, and full-featured e-book on learning Python from Mark Pilgrim

Python Babysteps Tutorial
The very basics of starting with Python from installation to language fundamentals.

Python Tutorial
A highly detailed tutorial from the python.org web site.

Writing CGI Programs in Python
A nice and detailed tutorial on using python for CGI programming.

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